IELTS Preparation

Formats :

Live Online & In-Class


300 hours (over 10 weeks)

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$ –

Start Date:


March 01. 2022 – March 01. 2022

Live – available
Recording – not available

March 01. 2022 – March 01. 2022


IELTS Preparation is a 10-week specialized course aimed at students with an Intermediate to Upper Intermediate level of English who wish to take the IELTS exam or work intensively on developing their English skills. The course uses official IELTS practice material to help students gain confidence in taking the IELTS exam. Students who are aiming for a Band Score of 6.0 or higher are encouraged to enroll in this highly-structured course which covers a range of relevant topics. Some of the topics covered include Education, Business, Health, The Environment, and Technology, among others.

Topics/Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the IELTS course, students will be able to:

  • Obtain a minimum band score of 6.0 through using a variety of strategies for all 4 English skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking)
  • Demonstrate the ability to do speaking tasks in three different formats (interview, long turn, and conversation styles) 
  • Show competency in using note-taking strategies during listening tasks to help with selecting correct answers
  • Identify distractors and recognize paraphrasing during listening tasks to assist with choosing correct answers
  • Demonstrate effective skim reading and scanning skills in order to obtain needed information for answering questions in the reading section
  • Write structured and well-organized essays and paragraphs that include a topic sentence, supporting and example sentences, and a conclusion
  • Write about a variety of topics in different types of texts including reports, descriptions, discussions, arguments and opinions
  • Be familiarized with the IELTS examination structure, rules and testing conditions

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Course Outline

Students have the option of completing as little as one week of a course (30 hours) or all 10 weeks of the course:

Title of Course # of Hours
IELTS Preparation 300 hours (10 weeks)

Course Materials

Students are encouraged to bring their study binders which contain useful information, official marking rubrics, helpful exam strategies and level-appropriate exercises for building the four main skills to be tested which are Writing (Mondays), Reading (Tuesdays), Listening (Wednesdays) and Speaking (Thursdays).  Prepared materials are created by Glenn College while some materials are from the Cambridge IELTS textbook.

Methods of Evaluation

  1. Weekly individual homework assigned twice a week (worth a total of 30%)
  2. Weekly mock IELTS examinations every Friday (worth a total of 70%)

On Fridays, students will undertake a full IELTS mock examination with official practice material. All four skills are tested under timed conditions to emulate actual IELTS test conditions as closely as possible. Students will spend time working up to those particular skills throughout the week and be expected to complete the assigned homework set each Monday and Wednesday.

Delivery Method

Students have the option of taking this course online or in person. Students taking the IELTS course online have the option of doing live video lessons through the school’s website or watching pre-recorded lessons. All three options require students to complete homework twice a week as well as take a mock IELTS test each Friday.

Teaching Method

Both the in-person and distance classes will be conducted in a lecture format.

Course and Homework Duration

  • Total Course hours: 300 (over 10 weeks)
    Homework hours per week: 6-10 hours (mock test plus 2 weekly homework assignments)

Admissions Requirements

  • Proof of English proficiency through one of the following:

    • Glenn College Entrance exam with a 60% minimum 
    • An IELTS score of at least  4.0 
    • A TOEFL IBT score of at least 41-52 
    • A TOEIC score of at least 405-600

Graduation and Accreditation Requirements

  • Accreditation
    Upon competition of the full course, students will receive a course certificate.