Medical English 2: Common Symptoms & Illnesses

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240 hours

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March 01. 2022 – March 01. 2022

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March 01. 2022 – March 01. 2022


Medical English 2: Common Symptoms & Illnesses is the second in a series of three courses in the Medical English program at Glenn College. This course will teach students the various types of symptoms a patient may experience and use these symptoms to identify what illness they are suffering from.

This course is broken into four modules with each module having two lessons.
Each course has a quiz after each module, a cumulative midterm, and a final test. The final test is cumulative test of modules three and four.

Topics/Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of Medical English 2, students will be able to:

  • Identify the different symptoms between various illness such as the common cold and the flu

  • Utilize a variety of phrases, expressions and vocabulary to identify respiratory illnesses

  • Recognize the various symptoms present in illnesses related to hemorrhoids and kidney stones

  • Identify a variety of muscle, bone and joint injuries through symptoms presented by patients

  • Recognize and utilize a variety of vocabulary and phrases to describe symptoms in regards to skin, eye and ear-related illnesses

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Curriculum Outline

Course Two: Common Symptoms & Illnesses

Module Details
Module 1 Lesson 1: The Cold and Flu
Lesson 2: Respiratory Problems
Module 1 Quiz (10%)
Module 2 Lesson 1: Gastrointestinal Problems
Lesson 2: Constipation, Hemorrhoids & Kidney Stones
Module 2 Quiz (10%)
Midterm (20%)
Module 3 Lesson 1: Bone, Muscle, and Joint Problems
Lesson 2: Skin Problems
Module 3 Quiz (10%)
Module 4 Lesson 1: Ear and Eye Problems
Lesson 2: Mouth and Tooth Problems
Module 4 Quiz (10%)

Final Assignment (20%)

Final Test (20%)

Course Materials

Required course textbooks:

  • Medical English by Glenn College

Methods of Evaluation

Medical English 1 evaluates students with the following:

  1. Module quizzes (10% per module)
  2. A midterm (20%)
  3. A final test (20%)
  4. A final assignment (20%)

Delivery Method

Students have the option of taking this program online or in person.

Teaching Method

Both the in-person and online formats of the program will be conducted in a lecture format.

Program Duration

  • Total Program hours: 240

    Medical English 1 consists of a total of 80 hours. The duration to complete this course is 4 weeks from the start date.

Admissions Requirements

  • BC English 12 with a minimum C+ grade
  • IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL band 46 – 59 or TOEC band 605 – 780
  • Glenn College/ Global College English Proficiency Test with a 70% minimum.

Graduation and Accreditation Requirements

  • Graduation
    For successful completion, the overall mark for this program must be a minimum of 70%.
  • Accreditation
    Students upon successful completion of each course (a minimum overall mark of 70%) will be granted a certificate as well as receive a Letter of Acceptance (LOA).